shadowsong (shadowsong) wrote,

so it's going to take me a while to change all my @livejournal emails to @gmail, and get my new journal style set up the way i want it, but yeah: i'm going to be moving to dreamwidth. if any of you have dreamwidth accounts, let me know so i can add you. and if you know of a style that will give me colored bars with user icons to the left of the entry text, let me know that too.
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Same name there as here, though I've never posted there.
I'm the same name over there as well, although as you've never added me here I certainly won't have my feelings hurt if you don't add me over there.
Cheers. Same username here as there.

As for styles, I think you can now select which side the icons show up on for all styles, so you can put them on the left LIKE GOD INTENDED instead of on the right like they are by default for so many. Or maybe that's a paid-user thing. I dunno.